146 Main Street, Emmaus, Pa. 18049
Phone 610-965-6067; Fax 610-966-5420

Office hours: Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm

The Rt. Rev. J. Christian Giesler ~ Pastor ~
Timothy Naisby ~ Student Pastor ~
Melissa Heckman ~ Secretary ~
Martha Cox Popichak ~ Director of Music ~
Christopher Klump ~ Director of Brass Choir
Al Kneller ~ Sexton

2018 Watchword
Jesus says, “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me
and I in them bear much fruit.” John 15:5

March Special Envelope
Emmaus Community Assistance Fund ~ This fund was created to help members of the church and community in times of need. This fund is used at the discretion of the pastor and office staff. In the past it has helped single people, families and community members facing financial difficulty due to job loss, medical issues and other life changing events.

Emmaus Moravian Church’s Mission Statement:
Living in Fellowship, Growing in Christ!

The Moravian motto: In essentials unity; in non essentials liberty; and in all things love.

Monthly Message
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Life is never predictable. Oh, we might have our mundane days or stretches of life that follow a fairly predictable pattern, but it never lasts for long. If you have lived for very long, you know that life can change literally in a heartbeat.

This is certainly true of the Holy Week and Easter story. I cannot imagine what life was like for Jesus and his disciples as they journeyed back and forth each day from Bethany (where Mary, Martha, and Lazarus hosted them throughout the week) to Jerusalem where Jesus preached, healed, and argued in the Temple.

Imagine the fear experienced by the disciples watching their leader arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. Imagine being Peter following along at a distance and being so fearful for his own safety that he denied knowing Jesus much less being one of his followers.

Imagine watching Jesus being led through the city streets, beaten and humiliated, having to carry his own cross; the instrument that would be used to kill him.

Imagine watching his cross being lifted high above the valley below with him being nailed to it. Imagine watching his agonizing death.

Imagine watching Jesus’ body being taken down from the cross and laid in a nearby tomb. Imagine watching his mother, Mary, as his body is placed in its resting place.

Mary and these disciples certainly understood now the unpredictable nature of life. Jesus knew that all of this was coming, but they would have never guessed the ending.

The ending is wonderful as the power of Easter assures us of new life in a way that we can never predict. But for a moment just try to imagine it.

I am inviting you to come and follow this unpredictable story as we move through the season of Lent, into Holy Week, and finally the celebration of Easter. If you only come on Easter you will miss the important and meaningful steps that gives Easter it’s real message. So please join us for all of our Lenten worship services on Sunday morning, our Holy Week Reading Services including Maundy Thursday Communion, and the Good Friday Tenebrae. And of course we do hope that you will join us on Easter morning.

Jesus journeys with you each and every day, won’t you walk with him now? The rest of this newsletter will fill you in on all of the many activities that will help you to do just that. I look forward to seeing you here.

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Chris
Prayer Concerns

Doris Metzger (friend of Carolyn Carter’s),
Dean & Paula Price (Janet Feldman’s brother & wife), Doug Peters,
Ruth Grohol, Alice Bender (Norma Rinker’s mother)
and our homebound members

Please uphold these church members and friends in your prayers.
Contact the office whenever a visit is needed or to inform us of any situation.
Also contact us when you or a family member is hospitalized.

Worship Schedule

Sunday, March 4th ~ 9:00 Sunday School; 9:15 Main St. Worship;
10:30 Traditional Worship

Sunday, March 11th ~ 9:00 Sunday School; 10:00 Fellowship Days; 10:30 Worship
(Daylight Savings Time begins)

Sunday, March 18th ~ 9:00 Sunday School; 10:30 Worship ~Joyful Noise benefitting the Moravian Unity Offering; Palm Cross Making 6:00pm

Sunday, March 25th ~ Palm Sunday ~ 9:00 Sunday School; 9:45 Children’s Egg Hunt;
10:30 Worship ~ reception of new members

Holy Week
Tuesday, March 27th ~ 7:00 Holy Week Readings in chapel
Thursday, March 29th~ 7:30 Maundy Thursday Communion
Friday, March 30th ~ 7:30 Good Friday Tennebrae

Sunday, April 1st ~ Easter ~ 6:30 Sunrise Service with breakfast to follow; 9:30 Worship

Congregational News

Robert Mitchell was called to be at the Lord’s side on February 14th.
Please keep Robert’s daughter, Vicki, and his entire family in
your prayers.

Dear Emmaus Moravian Church,
Thank you for the wonderful meal that you provided to our officers as well as the other 1st responders on January 23rd. It was very thoughtful of your members to go out of their way to do that for us.
Sincerely, Chief Chuck Palmer

Dear Emmaus Moravian Church,
I wish to thank everyone for their prayers, concerns and cards after my recent hip surgery. Also, thanks to Pastor Chris for his uplifting visit after my return home. It was much appreciated. I am doing well and hope to see you at Sunday worship soon.
Doug Peters

Dear EMC,
Thank you for the beautiful flowers and thanks to Karen and Ken Flexer for delivering them. They looked like spring is on its way. God Bless you all.
Edgar and Dolores Hausman

Dear members of Emmaus Moravian Church Congregation,
Greetings to each of you! I am writing to you to express my gratitude for your congregation’s support of Morning Star Senior Living in Nazareth, Pa. You have taken on the role of being a Good Samaritan to an older adult in our community. Thank you!
Through denominational gifts of the Eastern District, you have provided sustaining support and benevolent care to elders in our community in Nazareth who can no longer pay in full for their care and services. This is truly showing compassion for the frail and vulnerable as they navigate the journey of aging and all its challenges. Morning Star Senior Living, also known as Moravian Hall Square, received a total of $4,265.63 for 2017 tithes and offerings through our Eastern District allocation. Your offerings are reaching beyond your church facility to engage in caring for others in a most comforting way.
Blessings to you all, Mollie Santee, executive director

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,
My dear Emmaus Church family, words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful farewell dinner and celebration! I was so happy to see so many of you and deeply touched by the thoughtful and generous gifts. Your kind wishes and sincere appreciation expressed was heartwarming! Thank you for such a special celebration and memorable farewell!
God’s blessings always, Linda Wisser

Following are the parting words shared by Linda Wisser at the Farewell Dinner held on January 13th 2018. We thought the entire congregation should hear these words:

“Thank you for this wonderful time of sharing. I would have liked to put together my own farewell presentation for all of you…a Powerpoint Slide Show because you all know how much of LOVE to tell stories in picture. I didn’t do an actual Powerpoint, but for the next few minutes, I ask you to picture one in your mind… My “farewell” Powerpoint:
Slide #1 – would show a picture of our beautiful church with the doors wide open, and the slide would simply say, ‘Thank you, Emmaus Moravian Church’
Slide #2 – would show pictures of my childhood Sunday School teachers and my childhood classmates. Thank you to those who taught and those who learned with me.
Slide #3 – would be a picture of our kids, and it would say, ‘thank you EMC for the community of faith, who taught and nurtured our kids.
Slide #4 – would show pictures of our board and committee members. Some who have served off and on for the past 15 years, some who have served every year for the past 15 years. Thank you for your willingness to take risks, for those who asked hard questions, those of you willing to try new things and for those who have been the voice of tradition. Thank you!
Slide #5 – would be a picture of a big heart, and it would say ‘gratitude.’ It would show gratitude for all the parents who entrusted their kids to our programs. It would show gratitude to all the teens who were here with us…even when they wanted to be anywhere else, but here with us! It would say thank you to all of you who gave your “yes” and your heart to loving service for Sunday School, Bible School, Adventure Days, Youth Ministry. It would say thank you to the preschool staff who has always represents our church so well as you teach ‘with love and understanding’.
Slide #6 – would show an idea lightbulb – and it would say, ‘thank you’. For those of you had the courage to share your God given ideas that became ministry – those who said, ‘let’s try a new worship service’ and ‘let’s go to Maine’, and those who said, ‘why don’t we take a group to Staten Island”, and others who said, ‘what about moms on the South Side who need diapers for their kids…let’s DO something”. And others who said, ‘I heard about this thing called Angel Food’. And for those who said, ‘let’s learn about Moravians in Tanzania’ and ‘how much could it cost to pay for an education for one of those kids?’ and those who were willing to sit in a dunk tank to raise the money to pay for that education. Slide #6 would be a really LARGE slide. And it would also show snapshots of senior care ministry, and Emmaus Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and East Penn Back to School outreach… Yes, this slide would have to be HUGE, but it would show what YOU all imagined and dreamed and were willing to put your money and your time behind. TOGETHER we did these things in the name of Jesus! Thank you.
Slide #7 – would show Main Street, downtown. Snapshots of our Heritage Alliance partners, our ecumenical partners, the Main Street Partners and shop owners of Emmaus. And it would indeed say, “thank you” because it has been a great privilege to work with people who love this town, who are proud of her history and who work to strengthen our community. For those of you who serve with these groups and remain a voice for the Moravian Church, thank you.
Slide #8 – would show a dove, a symbol of the Spirit of peace that binds us together in love. It would say thank you for your friendship, for all the holy moments we have shared; welcoming new members, saying our final good byes to loved ones, all those sacred times shared. It would show our choirs who help us sing our faith in worship, and a picture of the sacraments…all reminders that we are together, brothers and sisters in Christ.
Slide #9 – Would say, ‘thank you’ to all of our staff members, past and present who have worked so faithfully, diligently with the mission of the church and her members in mind. It has been a blessing to work with all of you.
Slide #10 – Would say ‘thank you’ to my family, whose love and support sustains and strengthens me each and every day of my life. I could not ever serve as I have served, without the love and support and encouragement of those who sit at the family table tonight.
And the last slide – would show a picture of a phone…maybe even a ‘flip’ phone just for fun. It would say, “God calls”. God calls…all of us…to continue in ministry, in our own unique ways. God calls and sends us all to be a blessing in a world in need of hope.
Thank you for allowing me to serve and for the many ways you have blessed my ministry and my life.
Christian Education

Who are the Moravians? Why Does that Matter?
Still time to join! For the first week, we had 32 adults join us during the 9:00 Sunday School hour. There is no commitment. Attend when you are able.
A new Moravian heritage curriculum has been written entitled
“Living Branches: Moravians Growing in Faith, Love & Hope”, and we will be using this in all of our Sunday school classes from kindergarten through adults. Together we will learn about our history, important personalities, successes and failures. This gives us a chance to learn why being a Moravian is a blessing and a calling. Led by Pastor Chris.

Sunday School Lent Service Project ~ “Fill a Belly with Peanut Butter and Jelly” from now until Easter (the Lent season) – a food bank collection of Peanut Butter and Jelly from the congregation and the Sunday School (tallies will be taken by Sunday School teachers as students bring items in, 1 item=1 raffle ticket to be entered for a special prize at the Egg Hunt that fits the corresponding age of the Sunday School student.

Palm Cross Making ~ Join us on Sunday, March 18th at 6:00 for our annual Palm Cross Making. This is a family night with children’s activities planned.

Youth Flashlight Egg Hunt ~ Friday, March 23rd at 7:00 for grades 3 and up. Join us for a fun night of Easter activity and of course looking for eggs! Please RSVP to the office if your child plans on attending the event.

Children’s Egg Hunt ~ will take place Sunday, March 25th at 9:45 am for Nursery – 2nd grade. We will be outside weather permitting.

Operation Christmas Child ~ In preparation for October’s packing party, I will be including a section in the monthly newsletter asking for a specific item:

March = Sewing Supplies: Attention all sewers, knitters, crafty people: During the month of March, I will be collecting items suitable to put in sewing kits for girls in the older age group 10-14. In the past, I have included material (at least a yard in size so something can be made – a skirt, shorts, shirt), scissors, needles, pins (both safety and straight), measuring tape, buttons, snaps, lace, ribbons. Any other ideas are appreciated. I know I have extras of all these items in my “craft room” aka the attic. All donations would be appreciated and can be placed in the box on the window sill outside the “chapel” or given to me. Thank you for your donations. Diane Lint

Movie Day at Emmaus Movie Theater ~ Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 14th from 3:00-6:00 for a movie day at our local theater. The movie title will be announced soon! Look for more details in our next newsletter and upcoming bulletins!

Upcoming Events

Joyful Noise Offerings ~ These offerings are collected on a monthly basis for various organizations chosen by the Board of Elders. This is an easy way for our congregation to support different Moravian and local ministries. Typically offerings occur the 3rd Sunday of the month. The January 21st offering designated for Moravian Disaster Relief raised $186.34. The February offering benefitting East Penn Neighbors Helping Neighbors raised $117.00. The offering on March 18th will benefit the Moravian Unity. Read below for details and don’t forget to bring your change!

The Unity Prayer Day Offering 2018 will benefit purchase of a piece of land for a church office, the first to be owned by the Moravian Church in Peru.
The Moravian Church Peru is one of the newest mission areas in the worldwide Unity.
So far, the Moravian Churches in Peru rent space for their worship services and other ministries. From a sustainability point of view this is not the best approach. The Peru Moravian Board has asked if it would be possible to obtain a one-time larger donation that could be used to purchase some land in Chiclayo, Peru. That is where the headquarters is located, but presently the office is situated in the home of the president of the church.
The Moravians in Peru believe that if they have a piece of land, they can slowly work toward developing it. They have said that even if they would use a tent or a tarpaulin in the early stages, at least there would be a place that could be identified as the “Moravian Church.”
Four sustainability projects in Peru are going well – especially the “Moravian Bubbles” laundry service in Lima and the Moravian Mariachi Band in Chiclayo. The income from those projects can be used for developing the land if it is purchased.
The Unity Prayer Day Offering 2018 will therefore support the witness of the Moravian Church in Peru and will help to further the mission of the Moravian Church in Peru.

Jørgen Bøytler

New Member Classes will begin on Wednesday, February 21st at 7:00.
If you are interested in becoming a member at EMC, please contact the office.

Lutheran Congregation Services Grief Classes ~
Sylvia Havlish will once again be offering grief classes. They will be held at EMC on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 beginning February 20th until March 27th.
To register, please call Sylvia at 610-395-5045

CPR Class is being offered once again by Bob Toth on April 17th at 6:00pm. The cost is $30.00. Please contact the office or Janet Feldman to register.
The Allentown Area Food Bank is looking for donations of Mac and Cheese, pasta, hot cocoa packets and tea bags. EMC serves at the AAEFB on the 4th Thursday of the month. If you are interested in helping, please contact the office or Kim Schmick.
The AAFB is also seeking a volunteer to join our board serving as our Grant Writer. The Grant Writer will research grant opportunities and foundations, write and prepare new grant proposals, establish and maintain relationships with foundation contacts and maintain deadlines. All aspects will be done in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines, a well as the Food Bank’s mission. The current Grant Writer will remain to mentor as long as needed. Contact Tom Ehrets at 610-437-4376
Esperanza; March 28th EMC will again send snacks with a group of volunteers for the after school program this month. We have found grapes, clementines, and string cheese to be much appreciated for the 40 children who attend these ‘safe space’ programs. If you are willing to donate any of the above items, please call the office, or contact Barbara Baringer. We also invite anyone to go along to provide adult support that day. A group has been leaving Emmaus Moravian at 3:30 and returning about 6:30. A few folks find it more convenient to drive to Bethlehem on their own. Linda Wisser initiated this outreach ministry and those getting involved have found it to be a very rewarding experience. New volunteers are welcome to join the team.

The EMC Book Club meets the 2nd Monday of each month in the Comenius Room at 7pm. Pick up our current book and join us for some friendly discussion.
March The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn
April The Widow, by Fiona Barton
May A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick
June Somewhere Out There, by Amy Hatvany

Spring Rummage Sale
Saturday, April 14th, from 8 am – 12 noon
It is once again time to gather your treasures! We have a place for them!
Drop off your treasures the following days:
Wednesday, April 11th, 12 to 6pm,
Thursday, April 12th, 12 to 6pm
Friday, April 13th, 12 to 5 pm, No Saturday deliveries
The following items NOT accepted: tvs, computers and screens, electronics,
stuffed furniture, mattresses, clothing and shoes.
For more info or to volunteer please contact Judy Rau, 610-398-6286.

News for you!

Inclement Weather ~ Winter is here! If winter weather occurs on a Sunday morning, there are a few options to see if church is being held. Cancellation is determined not only by the amount of snow on the ground, but by ice accumulation and whether or not the parking lot has been cleared. Please check our website An announcement will be clearly visible on the home page. Also visit the storm center on WFMZ. If you do not have internet access, please call the church office. If Sunday School or worship is cancelled,
a message will be recorded that morning. If you are unsure, stay home and stay safe!

For Youth and Young Adults! Yes, the Moravian Church IS on Twitter and Instagram!
For those of you with Twitter and Instagram accounts, this is a great way for our youth and young adults (and maybe even some tech-savy older adults) to be in communication with others in the wider Moravian Church. This is a wonderful way to find out about events, service opportunities, and news. Check out these links:
Twitter: @EDMoravianYouth, Instagram: @EDMoravianYouth.

Fund Raisers

Cash Card Program We carry an inventory of over $8,000 in 50 different cards for everyday shopping or gift giving! I have access to hundreds more I can order for you and have them in a week. We are available every Sunday for sales or cards can be purchased in the office. Some cards for dining and department stores net the church as much as 16%. Cash cards make great gifts and never expire. What gift cards would you use? Let Neill know and he can find out if they participate in the program.

Typically in stock: Applebees, Arby’s, Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Cabelas, Carrabba’s, Cracker Barrel, CVS, Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, Giant, Home Depot, Itunes, JCPenney, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Macy’s, Olive Garden, Outback, Panera, Petsmart, Papa Johns, Starbucks, Staples, Subway, Target, TGI Friday’s, Walmart, Weis, Wawa, Wendy’s

Orders for any church sales can be called into the office (610.965.6067)
or emailed to

Easter Candy Sale
Emmaus Moravian Easter Bunnies will be making and selling Easter Candy.
All profits go to the Emmaus Moravian Church General Fund.

To order candy, fill out and return to Church Office
by: March 18th, 2018

Name: _________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________

TYPE Qty Boxes Total Cost
(1/2 lb) $6.50/Box
Peanut Butter inside
Dark Chocolate Coating
Coconut Cream inside
Dark Chocolate Coating
Peanut Rolled – Cream inside
Dk Chocolate Coating & Rolled in Peanuts
Chocolate Peanut Butter inside
Dark Chocolate Coating
Butter Cream inside
Dark Chocolate Coating

Pick-up on March 25th following Church (11:30)

Candy will be made on March 22-24, contact Lori Maurer at
610-966-2966 if you would like to help

Moravian and Community Events

Crossroads Spring Courses include Mapping the Route (Theology) with the Rev. Dr. Bill Falla on Monday nights beginning Mar 12 and Traditions (Denominations and World Religions) with the Rev. Dr. Walter Wagner on Thursday nights beginning Mar 8.
All courses are held at Moravian Seminary, Bethlehem PA. Exact dates, course descriptions and registration info is at
or contact Jill Peters at

Moravian History Tour ~ Just 10 spaces left!
Central Travelers and the Archives will be leading a tour of the Moravian historical sites of western Europe on July 11-22, 2018. Join us for the incredible journey through 4 countries. We will visit many of the churches and sites well known to Moravians and be enlightened on their significance to Moravian history by brother Paul Peucker, archivist of the Moravian Church, Northern Province. The price is $3500 per person based on double occupancy including international airfare from Newark, ground transportation, local guides, hotel accommodations, 22 meals and some special treats. For info contact Craig Mosebach at
610-625-4576 Deadline for reservations is March 31, 2018.

The Moravian Historical Society’s Whitefield After Dark (Nazareth, Pa.): The Seed Farm The public is invited to join us at 5pm on Friday, March 23rd for a special audience with Amy Cook, Program Director at The Seed Farm in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. The Seed Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the next generation of farmers, through its Agricultural Incubator Program (which allows landless growers to start farms or other agricultural businesses on its 42-acre property), and through a variety of workshops and training opportunities for farmers, gardeners, and other community members. From rain barrel construction workshops to equipment demonstrations to customized lessons for school groups, The Seed Farm serves as a hub for hands-on agricultural education in the Lehigh Valley. Amy will give us more details about The Seed Farm and its programs. She will share how to prepare our home gardens and tips for creating a successful spring garden. Admission: $5 suggested donation. For more information contact us at 610) 759-5070 or

Moravian Church Northern Province – Church Center, Bethlehem, PA
Information Technology and Communications Manager
Full-time position, competitive salary and employer paid health benefits.
The Moravian Church Northern Province is a small denomination of ninety congregations spread across the northern half of the United States and in two provinces in Canada. The operations of the province support several related entities in addition to these congregations. The administrative offices are located in Bethlehem, PA. We have a small office team, which means all staff must be flexible in order to cover a range of duties.

The IT and Communications Manager’s role is to ensure the stable operation of the information technology environment. This includes planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all hardware, software, databases, network components and mobile devices. In addition, applicant should be able to assist the province with communications to various congregations and agencies.

Position Requirements:
• Technical school diploma, degree or equivalent experience
• Daily administration of MS Windows servers and workstations
• PC and Mac computer/tablet support and troubleshooting, both hardware and software
• Knowledge of Microsoft Exchange server
• Familiarity with Sage back end support helpful
• Web development/editing
• Graphic design experience preferred
• Established command of written and verbal communication skills
• Must be mobile (stand, sit, bend) and able to lift and transport moderately heavy objects, such as computers and peripherals
• HTML knowledge and proficiency creating, implementing and maintaining website databases (MySQL, MS Access)
• Perform other related duties as assigned