April Newsletter

Emmaus Moravian Church

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Common Ministries -The common ministries of the Worldwide Moravian Church include (but are not limited to) the following ministries: Moravian Open Door, Camp Hope, Ministerial Education, Board of World Mission, Moravian Music Foun- dation, and Provincial Archives. With our gifts given to the greater Moravian Church, ministries can grow and reach far across the globe, as well as help those in our communities.

2021 Watchword
Yet, I planted you as a choice vine, from the purest stock.
How then did you turn degenerate and become a wild vine? Jeremiah 2:21
Living in Fellowship, Growing in Christ!
In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty; and in all things love!

Easter Always Happens
“Our lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf of springtime.”
This quote by Protestant Reformer Martin Luther is one of my all-time favorites beside John 21:25, “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be writ- ten, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” Amen.
It is a comfort to bear these words in mind as we look to the near horizon of another Easter shrouded by the pandemic. John 21:25 and the springing epistles of hyacinth, daffodils, and Lenten roses speak to our hopes of better days: of worshipping together outside; of hearing live music again; of passing the peace without spreading disease. It is a comfort to imagine that God always has something more, something better in mind, something yet for us to discover and marvel at. Always.
If the past year may serve as a reminder that God indeed scatters the Church and sends it out into the world to serve; my prayer is for days when we remind each other that God also gathers the Church in and brings us back together. Like breathing out and breathing in. Like seedtime and harvest. Like walking out your front door and coming home.
I do not believe that resurrection is an isolated event, a table reserved for Jesus alone. The Resur- rection, the bare cross, the rolling stone, the empty tomb… yes, I believe that this was a unique demonstration of Christ’s power (“I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.” John 10:18). And I believe it is this same power by which one who trusts God is strength- ened (Ephesians 1:19-23) and has the hope of resurrection ahead of them. But I also believe that resurrection – written in every leaf of springtime – may even be something more.
What if resurrection is when things really start to get interesting?
Eugene Peterson suggests in, “Practice Resurrection: a conversation on growing up in Christ” that the “resurrection of Jesus establishes the conditions in which we live and mature in the Christian life…” The rebirth Jesus spoke about with Nicodemus (in John 3) marks a new beginning, a res- urrected life with people to see and places to grow! Peterson borrows the phrase “practice resur- rection” from poet Wendell Berry to introduce his big idea:
We live our lives in practice of what we do not originate and cannot anticipate. When we practice resurrection, we continuously enter into what is more than we are. When we prac- tice resurrection, we keep company with Jesus, alive and present, who knows where we are going better than we do, which is always “from glory unto glory.” Amen.
In a recent email exchange, I was asked if something could wait until after Easter. Even during a pandemic the days leading up to Holy Week and Easter can get pretty full. No worries, I replied. I signed off with the words, “Easter always happens.”
Her reply: “Easter always happens. YES! Thanks be to God!!”
In the hope and practice of resurrection, Pastor Brian

April Worship Schedule
Beginning March 28th, all Sunday services will be held in person in the pavilion; weather permitting. Please check the website or facebook for the most up to date information concern- ing cancellations. You are welcome to bring lawn chairs to help with social distancing.

Sunday, March 28th ~ Palm Sunday~ 10:00 outdoor worship in the pavilion

Tuesday, March 30th ~ 7:00 Holy week readings via zoom

Thursday, April 1st ~ 7:00 Maundy Thursday service via zoom

Friday, April 2nd ~ 7:00 Good Friday Tenebrae service via zoom

Sunday, April 4th ~ 9:00 Easter Worship service; outdoor in person (weather permitting) Please check the website or facebook for up to date changes.
You may bring lawn chairs to help us stay socially distant.
The service will begin in the pavilion and conclude at the Emmaus Moravian Cemetery. Please be prepared to walk or drive to the cemetery on Keystone and Ridge St.

Sunday, April 11th ~ 10:00 outdoor in person worship
Sunday, April 18th ~ 10:00 outdoor in person worship
Sunday, April 25th ~ 10:00 outdoor in person worship
Sunday, May 2nd ~ 10:00 outdoor in person worship ~ Student Pastor Charlie McDonald’s last Sunday
All services will be available via zoom and available for viewing on Facebook later in the day.
Go to www.zoom.us, Click on “Join a meeting”
Enter meeting ID: 442 948 9211
You will join a “waiting room” and then will be let into the service.
This link will get you access to all worship services and most meetings for the church.
If you need help accessing zoom, please reach out to the office. If you have internet, but no way to access zoom, we have a few tablets available to borrow. The link to all of the zoom meetings and worship services is: https://zoom.us/j/4429489211
Go to www.zoom.us, go to “join a meeting” and enter code 4429489211
If you don’t feel comfortable joining by internet, and would prefer to listen in by phone, simplycall this number: 1- 646 -876- 9923, and enter meeting ID: 4429489211, followed by the # key twice.
You are also invited to join Morning Prayer; Mon – Fri at 8:15 a.m. (same log in info as above)

The Moravian Way of Evangelism
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” — Matthew 28:19-20
After Jesus said this to the disciples at the end of the Gospel of Matthew, believers began refer- ring to this as “The Great Commission.” In a nutshell, Jesus clearly commanded His followers to carry on His legacy.
But what does this mean for Moravians? Pastor Brian and I would like to cordially invite you to explore the meaning and scope of this “Great Commission” in 21st Century America, by taking part in an exciting journey into The Moravian Way of Evangelism—a workshop designed to increase our understanding and practice of discipleship as modern members of the Moravian faith.
Our first session will take place via Zoom on April 15th at 6pm. Email James Joniec at jjjoniec@gmail.com if you would like to join us!
“We cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard.” – Acts 4:20
On July 30th, 2022, the Emmaus Moravian Congregation will be 275 years old!
If you would like to help plan events for this anniversary, please contact the office.
We will also be putting together a book with our church’s history.
If you have a special story to tell about something that occurred at the church, we want to know! Or, do you know a piece of history that you would like to share?
Please contact the office and share with us!

Jerry Knauss, Ron Hertzog, Bill Leibensperger, Kathleen Reiser, Gary Oplinger (Meda Henry’s brother in law), Nancy Repp, Martha Cox-Popichak, Rev. Diane Joseph, Karl Lutz,
Amy & Kevin Kelly (daughter & son in law of Ken & Karen Flexer- Donna & Jim Leffler (daughter & son in law of Ron & Bette Hertzog) our homebound members, nursing home and assisted living facility residents, all essential workers on the front lines of the pandemic and those personally affected by the COVID-19 virus. Please uphold these church members and friends in your prayers.

Our blessing box is located on the side porch of the church office and it is used frequently. It is filled with non perishable food, toiletries and other necessities for those in need. The box is filled weekly (at least). Additional donations are kept in the office to replenish supplies as needed. Thank you to Michael and Meda Henry who purchased shelving to help keep the stock of food organized!
The immediate needs of the blessing box are: ready to eat foods (anything that can be easily eaten for our homeless community), spaghettios, pasta, pasta sauce, canned tuna, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant) It is preferred that you drop off your do- nations in the office or place them near the Blessing box in a box or bag. Extra donations will be
Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companion
“And you shall be my people, and I will be your God” (Jeremiah 30:22, ESV). Pastor Brian spoke about the hospitality of God and referred to this Bible passage in his message on March 7, 2021. Does this passage sound like an invitation? Perhaps a loving invitation from God for you to be in relationship with him? Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companion sessions journey with you and your relationship with God. How is the relationship with God nurturing your soul and how are you nurturing your relationship with Him? To schedule a spiritual direction chat , contact Linda Unser at 610-390-7771 or lugraphics@aol.com. There is no fee for spiritual direction sessions.
Operation Christmas
EMC will once again participate in Operation Christmas Child in 2021. The need is even greater with the pandemic.
Items needed are: soap and washcloths zip loc plastic bags small toys
Thank you for your donations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.
Diane Lint lintd@ptd.net
Book club meets the second and fourth Mon- day of the month. First, to discuss the book of the month and second, for chatting. Everyone is welcome to join by calling Judy Williamson (610 791 1363) with your email info to be included in our meeting.
April 12th, Paper Bracelet by Rachel English May 10th, Hope on the Inside by Marie Bostwick June 14th, Redfield Farm
by Judy Redline Coopy

Opening for Head Teacher of the Preschool at Emmaus Moravian Church
EMC is seeking a Head Teacher for our well established preschool. This position is for 4 days a week; 6 hours a day and is perfect for a caring, trained teacher looking for an exciting, fulfilling opportunity.
Job Summary:
The Head Teacher of Emmaus Moravian Church Preschool creates an environment of kindness and caring, appropriate with Christian values. We are looking for someone to create a curriculum for children ages 3-5 and to provide opportunities for the children to grow and learn utilizing a variety of educational, creative, and physical activities in a nurturing environment.
Bachelor’s degree preferred in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education. Experience in a school setting is required.
All necessary clearances must be current.
Excellent communication skills with children, parents and teachers a must!
Commitment to the Statement of Purpose of the Emmaus Moravian Preschool:
To provide learning experiences for children in a safe, caring, and well supervised environment.
Terms of Employment: School year runs from September through August.
Salary, PTO and other terms of employment can be discussed by contacting the office.
We, at Emmaus Moravian Church are anxious to meet you and welcome you to our Preschool Family. Please email an updated resume to Melissa Heckman at secretary@emmausmoravian.org
or call 610- 965-6067 for further inquiries.
Preschool openings for the 2021/2022 school year!
The programs listed are for children ages 3-5. Maximum Class Size is 15 with one head teacher and one asst. teacher for all classes.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00am-2:00pm
Pre registration for the Tuesday/Thursday program is required. The days are filled with learning, crafts, large motor skills and small motor skills. We learn about the calendar, the weather, letters, numbers, shapes and various themes throughout the year. Children pack a lunch (refrigerator available). This program runs from Sept. – June. A $50.00 deposit is required for registration. Tuition is paid in 10 monthly installments of $175.00. EMC members are offered a 15% discount. A 10% discount is offered to families having 2 children enrolled.
Mondays and/or Wednesdays 9:00am-2:00pm
This is a unique program because it allows families options. Tuition spaces are available or you can also sing up on a weekly basis. Tuition children pay whether they are able to attend or not, but are guaranteed a spot. Children that sign up weekly only pay when they attend, but they are not guaranteed a spot every week. You can choose one or both days, and sign up sheets are available 4 weeks ahead of time. The pro- gram has the same educational level as the Tues/ Thurs. class. Children pack a lunch. The cost is $86.00 per month (for one day option) or for 2 day option, or $25.00 per day. This program runs from Sept. to June.
Various classes are offered during the summer. Summer classes are sign up only. Contact Melissa in the office with questions. Application forms are available on our website: www.emmausmoravian.org.

We reached out to a few members and asked them to answer some questions about their church and their experiences at EMC. Contact the office if you would like to share your story!
This response is from Scott Miller. Scott is married to Maddy (Amig) Miller. They have a son, Archie and they are awaiting the birth of their second child very soon!
What led you to EMC, or if you were a member since birth, what has kept you here?
When I started dating my wife Maddy, the conversation of religion came up since I was raised Lutheran and my dad is a minister. At that time my only knowledge of Moravians were stars and Bethlehem,
PA. When Maddy started telling me about Christmas Eve service and Lovefeast, it didn’t take long until I was falling in love with the Moravian religion and the sense of community and fellowship that I love about being Moravian today. What solidified myself becoming a Moravian was when we discussed children and how important it was for me to have my kids grow up in the church the same way my wife did with such a positive and fulfilling experience.
How has being a member of Emmaus Moravian Church changed or affected you?
Other than increasing my sweet tooth with sugar cake, buns & chocolate? I have felt a strong connection to the Church that I haven’t felt in a long time. I enjoy being part of a community that helps spread fellowship in the church with being a member on Peals of Joy, being on the Board of Elders for the first time and helping Maddy create *NSYNC (Not So Young Neighborly Christians) which is a group we started as a place for fellowship, community in the presence of God (still defining who we are as we move forward). Being a member of EMC has made me a stronger Christian.
What do you see as the biggest assets that EMC has?
From day one I have always felt that EMC’s strongest asset is its people. The fellowship, community and comradery that you feel from taking one step inside is more than I ever felt in any congregation I’ve been a part of before. There are so many people with so many skill sets that are willing to lend a hand or volunteer or be a shoulder to lean on. I feel that in years to come EMC will need many more trees to fill all the leaves of people that will have an impact on this church, and that’s an awesome thing to feel.
Do you have any stories or memories that you would like to share?
My wedding day in 2009; marrying Maddy is my favorite memory and having my Dad graciously being allowed to marry us in the church is something I’ll never forget. It snowed 3 inches that afternoon in December and made for some great pictures and stories. Also sharing with my side of the family what Lovefeast is and it is still talked about today.
What is your favorite hymn?
The last hymn we sing on Christmas Eve, where we lift our candles to the sky and the church lights up in this beautiful glow. I’ve never experienced anything else like it.
With awe and deeply bowed, we praise the incarnate God,
Who took our flesh and blood; unto the Child at Bethlehem, Whose birth th’ angelic choirs proclaim, we our thank-offering bring, And gratefully sing, praise to our heavenly King!

The Cemetery Superintendent of the cemeteries of the Emmaus Moravian Church is an elected position and reports to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will elect the Cemetery Superintendent annually. There are no term limits for this position. There is an Honorarium associated with this position. Duties of the position include, but, are not limited to the following:
To oversee the care and upkeep of the cemetery grounds with Board of Trustees approval to address any major concerns.
Keep the Board of Trustees advised of issues regarding the cemeteries.
Keep accurate records of cemetery and cremains garden plots/graves. This would include
deeds and interment records for all burials.
Transact sale of plots/graves according to established fee schedules.
Make bank deposits noting income from interments, cremation, foundation and sale of lots.
Provide this information to the Congregation Treasurer.
Ensure the Cremains Burial Application is properly filled out for any internment in the
Cremains Garden.
Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding cemetery personnel,
maintenance, landscaping and any repairs or renovations.
Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on financial issues, such as fees charged
for plots/graves and services.
Serve as resource in the event of cemetery concerns and the safeguarding of cemetery
To serve as the main point of contact for those using the cemeteries. Good interpersonal
skills and communication are required.
To interact with families addressing questions and concerns regarding the cemeteries and/or
the Cremains Garden.
To serve as liaison for funeral directors, the Pastor, Church Secretary and families in need of
Please contact the office if you are interested in serving the church in this important role!

Camp Hope Summer Info
The Board of Management has decided that we will not be able to have our traditional week long summer camps again this year. With Covid restrictions, the experience would not be what we all ex- pect a week at camp to be.
We will be offering weekend cabin rentals for families again for Memorial weekend as well as the last 2 weekends of June and the month of July. Please check the camp website for info.
We are planning on having a full summer long staff to lead activities, games and campfires as well as providing meals and cleaning the camp. If you are 16 or older and would love to spend a summer at camp, please contact us at hopecenter@camphope.org or 908-459-4435.
Emmaus Moravian Church will be offering scholarships to EMC families that will be attending family camps throughout the summer. Please contact the office to discuss details.
A Hopeful Marathon
This fundraiser benefitting Camp Hope in Hope, NJ, includes a series of walks and bible dis- cussions with student pastor, Charlie McDonald and Pastor Brian Dixon. We will be walking around the Lehigh Valley and the walks will be recorded on Facebook Live. Each walk will increase in length and concern themes of Creation Care in both the Old and New Testaments. Our HOPE is to raise $3000! You can mail your donation to the church office today!
How you can help:
Tune in on EMC’s Facebook page for all 3 walks; spread the word, and in the meantime, go check out EMC’s Facebook to find more info about how to pledge a dollar amount for every mile Student Pastor Charlie makes it in the marathon, with all proceeds going to Camp Hope.
When and Where:
 

Central Moravian to Nazareth Moravian (already completed) Length: 10 miles
Central to Calvary to Emmaus
Date: Saturday 3/27 @ 10am Length: 14 miles
Text: Exodus 23:10-13, Leviticus 18:26, 28, Numbers 35:33-34
Camp Hope to Palmer Moravian
Date: Saturday 4/10 @ 8am Length: 26.3 miles
Text: Luke 12:1-34
Camp Hope is the year-round camp, conference and retreat center for the Eastern District of the Moravian Church. Camp Hope serves youth and adults of the Moravian Church and communi- ties across the Northeast. Providing a space for individuals and groups to commune with God and one another since 1946, Camp has been vital to the development of so many people’s faith. Please consider pledging today!