December Newsletter

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Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am-3pm; Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-5:00
Rev. Brian Dixon ~ Pastor ~
Charlie McDonald ~ Student Pastor ~ Melissa Heckman ~ Secretary ~ Martha Cox Popichak ~ Director of Music ~ Christopher Klump ~ Director of Brass Choir
Al Kneller ~ Sexton
2020 Watchword
Emmaus Moravian Church’s Mission Statement:
Living in Fellowship, Growing in Christ!

December Worship Schedule
Advent , the season of the church year that means “expectant waiting.” This is an important time of year for Christians! Most of us have experienced Advent and Christmas at Emmaus Moravian Church. The sanctuary is decorated and added to weekly, leading up to the big event of Christmas Eve. This year we will be worshipping at home via zoom or on Facebook. It certainly isn’t the same. But, what is the same is the reason why we celebrate. Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem all those years ago. That setting wasn’t ideal either, but that is what makes it so compelling. I’m sure Mary pictured the birth of the Savior much differently, but she had no control over this important life event. So this year, although things most likely aren’t what we planned, there is still reason to celebrate! Jesus was born to save you and me, and nothing could ever change that story!
All Sunday services are via Zoom.
There will be no in person worship on Sundays until further notice.
Sunday, November 29th ~ First Sunday in Advent; 9:30 Coffee Time, 10:00 Worship Sunday, December 6th ~ 9:30 Coffee Time, 10:00 Worship
Sunday, December 13th ~ 9:00-9:30 Sunday School Fellowship Time (all welcome to join in and catch up with the kids of our congregation) 9:30-10:00 Coffee Time; 10:00 Worship
Sunday, December 20th ~ 9:30 Coffee Time, 10:00 Worship
Wednesday, December 23rd ~
Pick up your beeswax candles, freshly baked lovefeast buns and bulletin!
Drive through the parking lot between 6:00pm-7:00pm to pick up your Christmas Eve necessities! Hold these items to use during the Zoom Christmas Eve Service!
Thursday, December 24th ~ 2:00 Live Zoom Worship;
This service will be available later in the day to view on Facebook if you can not join us live. This is a unique opportunity for anyone in the world to join us for worship!
Invite your family and friends to log in! Have your lovefeast bun and candle ready!
5:00 pm ~ In person Outdoor Prayer Vigil ~ Worshippers will move through stations of scripture readings, music, and prayer. This vigil will be held unless there is severe weather.
Dress accordingly!
Sunday, December 27th ~ 9:30 Coffee Time, 10:00 Worship Sunday, January 3rd ~ 9:30 Coffee Time, 10:00 Worship
All worship services (unless listed) in December will be held via zoom. If you need help accessing zoom, please reach out to the office. If you have internet, but no way to access zoom, we have a few tablets available to borrow. The link to all of the zoom meetings and worship services is:
Go to, go to “join a meeting” and enter code 4429489211
If you don’t feel comfortable joining by internet, and would prefer to listen in by phone, simply call this number: 1- 646 -876- 9923, and enter meeting ID: 4429489211, followed by the # key twice. You are also invited to join Morning Prayer; Mon – Fri at 8:15 a.m. (same log in info as above)

A Message from Pastor Brian
Christmas To Go
What Christmas meant to me growing up was a 2,600-mile road trip to South Dakota and back.
My father was the only one of his siblings to move out-of-state. So, Christmas morning involved waking early to see what Santa left under the tree and falling back asleep to the hum of hours on the highway, 8-track cassettes, and my dad talking like a trucker on the CB radio. Over the years, I asso- ciated these travels with the Savior’s birth. Although we were not a church-going family I had the Charlie Brown Christmas special going for me. And, to this day, I do not need much more than to hear Linus recite Luke 2:8-14 in the King James:
“And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multi- tude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”
At some point, though, my Christmases got more Christmassy.
By which I guess I mean: Christmas as a shared experience of worship and spiritual reflection, cen- tered on the promise and fulfillment of a savior. More scripture and more of the story. More candles and carols. More prayer and pageantry. New (to me) traditions. Moments and memories in-the- making. I am quite certain that you can think now of the very thing that makes Christmas… well, Christmas for you. The smell of beeswax candles. Poinsettias in the sanctuary. The “Morning Star” solo. A light snow softly falling just as the service ends.
This year, I confess I have been worried about how Christmassy our Christmas is going to be. About the things I fear we will not be able to share. About the chance we may miss to answer Charlie Brown’s lament: “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” But, we do. Don’t we? Re- member what Christmas is about. Somewhere in the middle of a field – away from the Temple – somewhere on the outskirts of town – in a strange and wondrous turn of events – the Son of God was born while heaven sang out in joy.
However we sing it. However we say it. These are our good tidings. This is God’s good will for us all. In the same way that I once associated a family trip with Jesus’ birth, I wonder if it might be pos- sible (or helpful) to consider the Incarnation as a road trip of God’s own: from heaven to earth, from the everlasting hills to your heart, from eternity to every beat and breath of your life.
“The Word became flesh and made his home among us.” (John 1:14a)
Planning to be home for Christmas, Pastor Brian

With Christian Hope and Sympathy
On October 28th, Donna Seagreaves entered her eternal home. Please continue to uphold Donna’s husband, Randy and her entire family in your prayer.
On November 1st, Madelyn Stortz entered the more immediate presence of her Lord and Savior. Please keep Madelyn’s family in your prayers.
On November 20th, Leanna Lehman was called to her eternal home. Please keep her family in your prayers in the days ahead.
Please remember those in need of our prayers:
Judy Rau, Laura Kriebel, Kenny Flexer, Michael Henry, Martha Cox-Popichak, Nancy Repp, Kate Dekker, , Ron Hertzog, Rev. Diane Joseph, Karl Lutz, Amy and Kevin Kelly (daughter and son in law of Ken and Karen Flexer) Donna & Jim Leffler (daughter & son in law of Ron & Bette Hertzog)
our homebound members, nursing home and assisted living
facility residents, all essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic and those personally affected by the COVID-19 virus.
Please uphold these church members and friends in your prayers.
Contact the office whenever a visit is needed or to inform us of any situation, or a family member is hospitalized.
Flower Sponsorships
Below are the acknowledgements for flower sponsors:
December 6th ~ In loving memory of Shirley Reith and Marge Gruber by Franklin Reith, Sr.
December 13th ~ In loving memory of Harriet, Gerald and Lois Backenstoe and Sally Backenstoe Afflerbach by their families
December 20th ~ In honor of Ruth Ann and Leon Dries’ anniversary on December 14th and In loving memory of Tee Jay and Joanna, Loving parents and grandparents
Dear EMC family, This is overdue, but I would sincerely like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers regarding my open heart surgery and subsequent hospitalization for an unrelated ill- ness. Thank you also for the ‘Get Well” cards and wishes by phone. And lastly, thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement which brought such joy. God’s blessings to all.
Sincerely, Linda Haberstumpf

On November 15th, we were finally able to have a confirmation Sunday. We welcome our newest members:
Sara Adams, Kali Borger, Elizabeth Carney, Alex Miller, Logan Shriver and Colin Strella
We look forward to confirming the rest of the class at a later time. It includes Brianna Amey, Matthew Nelson and Emily Ross
Please uphold these Confirmands in prayer as they continue their faith journey.
The Blessing Box
Our box is located on the side porch of the church office. It is filled with non perishable food, toiletries and other necessities for those in need. The box is filled weekly (at least). Additional donations are kept in the office to replenish supplies as needed. The immediate needs of the blessing box are:
ready to eat foods (anything that can be easi- ly eaten for our homeless community), pasta, pasta sauce, spaghettios, canned tuna, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant), gloves and hats. You can place your donations directly in the box, or contact the office to arrange a drop off time. Thank you for supporting this community ministry.
The EMC Book Club
The Book Club meets via zoom the second Monday of the month to discuss the book of the month.
On the calendar:
December 14th ~
“Wrapped Up in Christmas” by Janet Lyn January 11th ~
“The Last Flight” by Julie Clark February 8th ~
“Darling Rose Gold” by Stephanie Wrobel
We also zoom the fourth Monday of the month for conversation. Please send your email to Judy Williamson at to be included.

Sunday School News
It is the time of year when the church would be full of people and anticipating Christmas. This year we have not even been able to begin our Sunday School classes. We know we can’t replace face to face contact, but we are doing our best to remind even our youngest members that church isn’t the only place to hear the story of Christmas! We hope that you feel the presence of Jesus in your midst, not just on Christmas, but the whole year!
Advent/Christmas Craft Kits– If you would like a Christmas craft kit for your child, please contact the office!
Christmas Program– Instead of the traditional program, we would like to have a few kids read parts of the Christmas story or sing a Christmas Carol (we have a few suggestions). Any age can participate. You can record your chil- dren at home and then email the recording to
Please contact Melissa to figure out details if your children would like to par- ticipate. Recordings need to be emailed by Dec. 5th. The recording will be shared on the EMC Facebook page in the middle of December.
Also, if you have any old pictures of Christmas programs past, please send them to Maddy as well (
Zoom Pajama Party- On December 13th, please join us via zoom from 9:00-9:30. Our hope is to connect with the kids and have some of our adult church friends connect as well! If the kids would like to bring an object and show everyone what they chose and what it means or why it makes them happy.
Join us via zoom:
Thank you all and we wish you a Christmas filled with the light of Jesus,
wherever you are!
Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companion
“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1.
The warm weather that blessed us recently was an invitation for me to get outside and start my fall cleanup! I usually procrastinate this chore as my wishful thinking kicks in with the delusional idea that the foliage will stay as it was in summer!! But reality wins out as the leaves pile up and make it difficult to travel down my walkway. So grumbling under my breath, I began the raking and removing the dead flowers. During the raking I was grieving the loss until I remembered that the dead foliage will go to the compost pile and in time will provide nutrients for next years sum- mer foliage. This process is steadfast just like God’s steadfast love. We can count on the new growth to return next year because the cycle endures forever as God’s love endures forever. In the flavor of the season of Thanksgiving let’s give thanks to the many ways God blesses us with His steadfast love that endures forever. Individual and group spiritual direction/spiritual companion provides the opportunity to expand our view of the many blessings God steadfastly showers on us. Contact Linda Unser at 610-390-7771 or at for scheduling a session.

News to Know
The offering envelopes for 2021 are in! We will be having an event in the new year so you are able to pick them up. A small amount of numbers have changed in the new year. If you have any ques- tions about giving, envelopes, etc. please contact the office.
Thank you! Melissa Heckman, Financial Secretary
Financial Freedom
Once again the Stewardship Committee is sponsoring “Freed Up Financial Living” help get your New Year’s finances off to a great start! The course is grounded in a biblical understanding of a proper relationship to money and possessions and looks to have participants commit to and begin developing a biblically-based Spending Plan. The seminar will be held via Zoom and takes place on Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30 beginning January 19, 2021 and will continue for 6 weeks.
Please call or email the office by January 5th to register.
Unity Prayer Watch
December 7th
Every day of every year Moravian congregations around the world are assigned a day of prayer. To uphold this tradition, EMC is asked to fulfill 6 hours of prayer. Please contact the office to sign up for a 1⁄2 hour of prayer. Topics can be provided. Our times are 1-1:30 am, 1:30-2 am, 5-5:30 am, 5:30-6 am, 9- 9:30 am, 9:30-10am, 1-1:30 pm, 1:30-2pm, 5:00-5:30pm, 5:30- 6pm, 9-9:30pm, 9:30-10pm.
275th Anniversary
Plans are already underway to cele- brate EMC’s 275th anniversary in 2022! If you would like to join the team that is planning these cele- brations, please con- tact the office. Cur- rently the group is meeting monthly via zoom.
Daily Texts have Arrived
The Daily Texts grew out of a spiritual renewal of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) that dates back to Aug. 13, 1727. The texts were first published in 1731 in Herrnhut, Germany. Today, the Daily Texts con- tinues its promise of “a dai- ly message from God that is new every morning.” Contact the office to pur- chase your text today!
Paperback $10.00; Large Print $12.00; Journal $15.00
Cash Card Program Do you give gift cards as a gift? Then think about buying them from EMC! If you need gift cards at any of the stores or restaurants listed below, give us a try! Our inventory has over $8,000 in 50 different cards for everyday shopping or gift giving! We have access to hundreds more we can order for you and have them in a week. Contact Neill Dekker at to order cards or stop by the office. Cash cards never expire. New stores recently added!
Typically in stock: Amazon, Applebees, Arby’s, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cabelas, Carrabba’s, Cracker Barrel, CVS, Dicks Sporting Goods, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, Gap, Giant, Great Clips, Home Depot, Home Goods, Itunes, JCPen- ney, Joann Fabrics, Kohl’s, Lands End, Limited, L.L. Bean, Lowes, Macy’s, Olive Garden, Outback, Panera, Petsmart, Red Lobster, Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday, Starbucks, Staples, Subway, Taco Bell, Target, Texas Road House, Ulta, Under Armor, Walgreens, Walmart, Wawa, Weis, Wendy’s

Board of World Mission Update on Hurricanes Eta and Iota November 17, 2020
On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, Hurricane Iota slammed into Nicaragua’s northeastern coast, making land- fall near Haulover, just south of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, as a category 4 storm with top winds at 155 mph. This is almost precisely the same spot that Hurricane Eta hit just two weeks ago. Extensive damage from life- threatening storm surge, high winds, and rain has affected Nicaragua and Honduras just to the north.
Recovery efforts from Hurricane Eta were in full swing when this second storm hit. The BWM mission has already released $30,000 in aid to Provincial church leaders in both countries, and food and emergency sup- plies have begun to arrive. But with the second storm doing even more damage to roads, bridges, and airport landing strips, moving these needed materials has been difficult.
In Nicaragua, residents of the small towns such as Wawa Bar and Haulover were evacuated to Puerto Cabezas and are being housed in churches and schools. There are over 700 such refugees so far. Conditions are crowded, and no doubt have been made even less hospitable given this latest storm.
In Honduras, villages all along the seacoast such as Ují, Puswaia, Krata, Yauhrabila, Kruta, Irlaya, Benk, Raya, have been evacuated to Puerto Lempira schools. The national government’s disaster agency, COPECO, is working in Lempira, and the municipal government is also trying to help, but it is not enough.
Because of his extensive contacts in the region, Brother Rick Nelson is now helping coordinate the BWM re- lief effort in both countries. He has had comprehensive conversations with Provincial leaders and relief agen- cies such as Mission Aviation Fellowship, Feed the Hungry, Habitat for Humanity, and others to get more aid into these areas.
The most critical needs continue to be food, clean water, medicine, and materials for temporary shelters and damaged homes. The Board of World Mission needs your help to bring these needed resources to the people that need it right now.
We ask for your continued support of the Moravian Disaster Response fund, which allows the BWM to re- spond to disasters immediately with funds for emergency needs, as well as ongoing rebuilding projects. US residents can send donations to The Board of World Mission, 1021 Center St. Bethlehem, PA 18018. Canadi- an residents can send gifts to The Moravian Church in Canada, 600 Acadia Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0B8.
To give online by going to Please mark your donation, “For MDR.”

Christmas Poinsettias
Poinsettias will be available to sponsor this year. The poinsettias will adorn the chapel and serve as a beautiful background for the Zoom Christmas Eve service. If the temperature isn’t too cold, they will be brought outside for the 5:00 Prayer Vigil. Sponsors will be listed in the bulletin that is handed out with the candles and buns on December 23rd.
Return form with payment (checks payable to Emmaus Moravian Church)
By Sunday, December 11th, 2020
Your Name and Number__________________________________
# of Plants ______ x $10.00 each = _________________
I wish to place my poinsettia: (chose ONE only)
____ In memory of: ______________________________________ By: _______________________________________________ ____ In honor of: _____________________________________ By: __________________________________________
____To the Glory of God
____I prefer that my gift of a poinsettia not be recognized