Brass Choir

Welcome to the Brass Choir Home Page!


Participation in our ministry is open to musicians of all ages and faiths with at least two years experience on a brass instrument and the desire to play for the love of music.

Rehearsals are scheduled on an as-needed basis according to our performance schedule, which is available on Google Calendar by clicking HERE.  If you would like to join us, please contact the director ahead of time to ensure there will be music printed in your instrument’s proper clef and key.


Don’t have an instrument?  Don’t let that stop you!  We have extras!



The Emmaus Moravian Brass Choir was founded in 1820 as an all-trombone ensemble to announce holidays, Moravian festivals, and deaths in the church family.  The practice of “announcing” such events served to summon parishioners to the church at a time when they all would have lived close enough to hear the trombones “calling” from the church steeple.  Certain chorales were played to signify each holiday or festival, and to identify decedents according to age, sex, and marital status.  Although the group no longer announces deaths, several other holiday and festival traditions endure, such as the celebration of Easter Dawn with brass music at sunrise.  Every spring the Brass Choir proudly assembles in darkness on Easter morning and “announces” the rising sun as congregants process from the Sanctuary to the Cemetery for Easter Dawn service.



The Emmaus Moravian Brass Choir offers chorales and special music during worship about once a month as part of the Music Ministry at Emmaus Moravian Church.  Additionally, through Ministry outreach projects, the group has performed as guests at other houses of worship, retirement communities, military ceremonies, and local events such as Old Fashioned Christmas in Triangle Park, ArtiFest at the Museum of Indian Culture, and Emmaus Community Day.  The Brass Choir may also be contracted to perform for weddings, funerals, and other private functions.  Please contact the director or the church office for more information.


Christopher Klump, Director of Brass Choir